Monday, 30 November 2015

British leftists: "If we bomb Syria, the Muslim... by zakalwe2

Listening to Britain's ruling class debate whether to join in the bombing campaign against Islamic State in Syria, one argument seems to the fore, especially, but not exclusively, on the left. "If we drop bombs on Syria, the Muslim fifth column will attack us here." Of course, they never put it in such stark terms. It always comes hedged around with evasions, circumlocutions and euphemisms. But strip away the verbiage and that is exactly what they're saying.

The video shows Labour's former mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, saying Muslim suicide bombers "gave their lives" on 7/7 to protest against the Iraq war. Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonell substantively agrees with him. Alien Muslim Yasmin Alibhai-Brown makes the same point in her article "Not One Muslim I know supports this war".
Radical Islam, now spread across our isles and every nation in the western hemisphere, will only become more appealing and more potent when the bombing starts. 
Here is what one British Muslim primary school teacher - a woman - tells me: “You know if I was a young Muslim guy, I could get that angry that I would turn away from democracy and all that. This Prime Minister takes no refugees, and is still a friend of Arab dictators. Now bombs. Why? Do they even know? They are encouraging radicalisation. Their de-radicalisation programmes, which I am supposed to push, will fall apart. The UK will get more Isis recruits. I am so worried.” 
I also fear that some of the most effective programmes which were tackling extremist ideologies will lose all credibility. Will Cameron heed these voices or does he think Muslims are so stupid and gullible that they will chant the mantras of democratic accountability while not questioning the actions of the Government? 
This call to bombs is insane. Drones and missiles will add to the suffering of ordinary Syrian families and increase the death toll immeasurably. And more British Muslims will reject moderation and turn against the state they live in. Is that what gung-ho politicians want?
All of these people are, in effect, arguing that British foreign policy must be altered to appease the Muslim fifth column living amongst us. But not one derives the obvious rational conclusion from this: if people of recent immigrant origin pose this kind of national security threat to Britain, then no more of them should be allowed to immigrate to the country. Instead, these same leftists are passionate advocates of open borders immigration. So effectively they are saying that unlimited numbers of Muslims should be allowed to immigrate to Britain and transform it into something beyond recognition.


  1. they [leftists] are saying that unlimited numbers of Muslims should be allowed to immigrate to Britain and transform it into something beyond recognition

    ‘And the best strategy for a collectivist group like the Jews for destroying Europeans therefore is to convince the Europeans of their own moral bankruptcy. As described in [The Culture of Critique], this is exactly what Jewish intellectual movements have done.’—Kevin MacDonald, A People That Shall Dwell Alone, page xciv

    Having been conditioned to see the white race as the worst of all the races, transforming white countries beyond recognition by reducing whites to powerless minorities would strike leftists as a benefit to mankind. Personal experience of being part of a powerless minority in a black or Muslim country would, perhaps, bring the Left to its senses. Or perhaps not.