Sunday, 4 October 2015

Jewish and Muslim MKs united over past two years to advocate for reversal of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe resolution calling to ban ritual circumcision of children. 
The Knesset to combat a resolution by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recommending that countries ban ritual circumcision bore fruit Thursday, when it was reversed via a resolution on religious freedoms. 
Passed with 73 in favor and six opposed, the resolution recommends that PACE member states “seek reasonable accommodations with a view to guaranteeing equality that is effective, and not merely formal, in the right to freedom of religion.” 
It gives general guidelines to promote coexistence and fight hate speech, allowing religious communities to practice their faith, manage welfare institutions and express their opinions. The resolution refers specifically to Islamophobia, but not to anti-Semitism. 
Since the resolution passed, the Knesset, under Speaker Yuli Edelstein’s leadership and the guidance of Knesset Diplomatic Advisor Oded Ben-Hur, has sent delegations of MKs, Jewish and Muslim, to PACE and to countries from Azerbaijan in the East to Paris in the West, to enlist their European colleagues from other countries in the battle against the decision and other initiatives to ban ritual circumcision.

I imagine this one won't get a lot of coverage on the Counterjewhad blogs.

Some more collaboration involving Jews working with the ridiculous "Islamophobia alert" group Tell MAMA. Maybe I should do a weekly "Jewish-Muslim collaboration this week" post.
Tell MAMA’s offence is to try to be consistently anti-racist. When it decided to monitor anti-Muslim hatred, it turned to the Jewish Community Security Trustfor help. The trust gave it willingly. “We believe our shared experiences can help to bring communities together,” it said, and the trust’s former chief executive Richard Benson became co-chair of Tell MAMA.

Also, another admission from the Jerusalem Post that Jews are leading cheerleaders for the invasion of Europe.
It is also not surprising that many Jewish communities in Europe, North America and Australia are currently in the vanguard of those calling on governments to be more liberal and accept greater numbers of refugees. 
We also hear passionate calls from rabbis and Jewish lay leaders citing religious and ethical teachings that oblige us as Jews to provide haven for refugees. Former British chief rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks even went to the absurd extreme of making an analogy between Syrian refugees and Jews in Europe during the Holocaust.

The article, as a whole, though, takes a different take, so not all Jews are "in on it."


  1. I assure you it will get NO coverage whatsoever at the Jewish front of the 'counter-jihad'. Some years back, Gates of Vienna had a thread on the subject (due to a case in Germany of a Moslem child who had been circumcised and had suffered damage from it; in islamic practice, circumcision can be committed against the male, as female genital mutilation against the female, at varying ages, not only on babies). The 'discussion' was amazingly juvenile, lacking in hard facts, especially avoiding the cruel and medically damning facts about circumcision and also avoiding the paedophiliac dimensions (rabbis sucking the baby's penis, supposedly to prevent blood loss whereas cases had already arisen in US and Europe of babies being infected by this pervert practice and actually dying from it).

    Rather significantly for Christians, there was no discussion allowed of the fact that, in the US, the majority of circumcisions which took place medically (in hospitals usually) throughout the 20th century were actually committed against the largely Christian American population because of the medical influence (undoubtedly assisted by Jewish backed pressure) to present circumcision as having multiple physical and mental benefits (hidden amongst presumed prevention of tuberculosis, paralysis, sexual diseases, etc, was the 'benefit' in reducing sexual misconduct, probably due to the fact that circumcision involves destroying thousands of pressure points in the penis related to sexual stimulation). As with FGM, the real purpose is control and it presents a conduit for perversion. An entirely unncessary, cruel and unnatural act committed against the most vulnerable and innocent. Also, historically, reading the Old Testament (first case with Abram, to circumcise "all in your house whom you have bought with money", as well as himself and his son, there is a clear indication, including future battles in the OT when Jewish enemies were also circumcised after defeat, of establishing ownership and control over others beyond a pseudo religious reason.

    This present political move indicates not only, by extension, acceptance of circumcision but also of FGM, child 'marriage' and sex trafficking, and, unknown to most people, both Islam and Judaism condone this (in the Talmud, 'coition' and 'marriage' with a female child aged 3 years and 1 day and sex with a boy aged below 9 years, and in Islam the example of Mohamed's 'marriage' when Aisha was aged 6 and the consummation of it when she was 9.

    If any of the CJ lot were to raise the issue, it would only be in the context of Moslem practices or to bewail those 'naive' Jews.