Tuesday, 13 October 2015

This story is an unintentionally hilarious "Blame Whitey" propaganda attempt by the BBC, gleefully picked up on by their fellow travellers at the Independent. It purports to show that Evil Whitey is racist because negroes are disproportionately tasered by the police and disproportionately stopped and searched.
Tasers were used by police 38,135 times, though in 80 per cent of incidents they were not discharged. The ethnicity of the person against whom the Taser was used was recorded in 36,038 cases. In 4,582 of those cases Tasers were used against a black person of African-Caribbean origin or of mixed white and African-Caribbean origin, representing 12.7 per cent. 
Black and Asian people are more likely than white people to subject to stop-and-search checks by police. Despite representing 3 per cent of the population, black people represent 12 per cent of those stopped and searched.

As we see, their line of attack is to compare the proportion of negroes tasered to the proportion of negroes in the general population. But of course the appropriate point of comparison would be the share of negroes in the prison population, not the general population. This information is helpfully provided in the article.

The graph shows that negroes form 13% of the prison population despite being only 3% of the general population. So the negro stop-and-search and taser rates match the share of the negro prison population almost perfectly. The rational conclusion to draw is that negroes are disproportionately stopped and searched and tasered because they commit a disproportionate amount of crime. But these multicult journalists claim instead it is because negroes are "overpoliced".


Watch the police spokesman in this clip to see how browbeaten by political correctness the police are now. He doesn't dare to point out that negroes commit more crime, preferring instead to hint that they "might be more likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system."


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