Monday, 26 October 2015

This graphic shows a breakdown of those accused of rape in Sweden in the 15-44 age group. 54% are born abroad. 13% are children of immigrants, meaning at least one parent is an immigrant. 33% have a "Swedish background".
Because this population is younger there are more people with an immigrant background: 21 per cent are foreign born, 14 percent are children of immigrants, and 65 percent have a Swedish background. The result is that, although the Swedish population in the sample is almost twice as large as those from an immigrant background, more than two-thirds of rape complaints (67 percent) are made against those with an immigrant background.
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  1. Is there any publication that can help us understand the rape statistic from the perspective of Islam? Since Islamists hold women in such low view, and rape is part of religious reward, how many hold to this ideology that commit rape in Sweden? How many victims are kaffir? (Swedes, not just "Swedish background).