Thursday, 22 October 2015

"It's very good that there are yellow French people, black French people, brown French people. They show that France is open to all the races and that it has a universal mission. But on the condition that they remain a small minority. If not, France would not be France. We are, above all, a European people of white race, Greek and Latin culture and Christian religion."
Charles De Gaulle

Talking of Europe in 1970, De Gaulle also said this:
For me, at all times, but today more than ever, I have felt what the nations who make it up have in common. All being of the same white race, the same Christian origin, with the same way of life, linked among themselves for so long by innumerable relationships in thought, art, science, politics, trade, it is in keeping with their nature that they should come to form a collectivity, with its own character and organisation in the world...
The Ligue de défense judiciaire des musulmans (LDJM) [Muslim Legal Defence League] has filed a complaint with the Paris public prosecutor against the MEP Nadine Morano regarding her remarks about France, "country of white race", one of its lawyers indicated. 
This association, managed by the lawyer Karim Achoui,has filed a complaint of provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence due to the origin, membership or non-membership of a specific ethnicity, nation, race or religion, said its lawyer, Jean-Baptiste Jacquenet-Poillot. 
According to the complaint, Nadine Morano "induces the audience to have reactions of resentment or animosity especially with regard to non-white people as well as people of the Muslim religion, just as it invites the latter, as a defensive reflex in turn, to feel the same sentiments with regard to those presented as dominant." 
The Paris prosecutor's office, which has receive the complaint, may decide to open an investigation. Any prosecution would raise the question of Nadine Morano's parliamentary immunity being waived, as she is a member of the Europea parliament.

It shows how far we have gone into the "hate speech" tyranny when remarks made by revered statesmen of an earlier age are now deemed criminal offences. This recalls the incident where Paul Weston of Liberty GB was arrested for quoting Churchill.

See this previous post (here) for more on the Nadine Morano story.


  1. Look at this quote from that bastard Junker:

    “When I'm on another continent, I see eyes shine when those I visit talk about Europe. And when I return to Brussels or Luxembourg, I find myself in a valley of fears, a valle Lacrimarum. We do not know who we are, and we are not proud of the solid achievements of our predecessors.”

    Why does he say predecessors rather than ancestors? Am I just being paranoid?