Sunday, 25 October 2015

In the current century all murders of Jews in Europe because they are Jews, be they in the Paris area, Toulouse, Brussels or Copenhagen, have been committed by Muslims. 
Every Jewish leader in Europe knows this. Yet at the onset of the crisis we saw several humanitarian-masochist statements by some who should have known better. Some Jewish representatives welcomed the newcomers without any mention whatsoever of the huge potential problems which could result. Some Jewish representatives welcomed the newcomers without any mention whatsoever of the huge potential problems which could result. 
The umbrella body of Jewish organizations in Flanders issued a press release reminding the authorities of the sufferings of Jewish refugees in the 1930s, and asking them to implement a generous admission policy for the newcomers.

But the resistance to it is also bad, it seems.
Polarization in Europe is increasing as a result of the refugee influx. Populist, nationalist and right-wing parties have not only been rising in the polls – some election results already show that these parties have been actually achieving the forecast gains. Recently in the state of Upper Austria, the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) won more than 30 percent of the votes as against 15% in the 2009 election. In Vienna the party received almost 31% of the votes, as opposed to 26% in 2010. While polarization is not specifically related to Jews, the rising xenophobic environment indicates further trouble in the future for Jewish communities.

In an earlier article on the "refugee" crisis by the same author, there is one extremely revealing sentence.

In the countries where the ratio between new Muslim immigrants and the existing Muslim population is much larger, such as Sweden and Germany, additional problems for the local Jews will be unavoidable. It is no consolation that the governments of these countries are also creating problems on a national scale due to their immigration policies.

The author tells Jews that they should not take malicious pleasure in the harm European governments are causing to their own people. But the fact that he even has to say that tells us much about the Jewish mindset.


  1. The number of Jews being 'persecuted' or even killed, in comparison to white Christian Europeans (or Americans, for that matter) is quite minute and all these Jewish media hacks know it. This is just another attempt to deflect the attention of people from the increasingly obvious and well-documented Jewish agenda re 'new world order' or 'tikun olam'. Ignore it. Jews and Moslems historically work together because Islam derives from Talmudic Judaism; a bit of family in-fighting or turf wars amongst them is irrelevant in the larger picture which should concern Europeans/Americans: the deliberate race/religious/national replacement of our own peoples. And there is the harsh reality that, amongst all ideologies, a few of its own being sacrificed as canon fodder is regarded as necessary to achieve long-term goals. Put it this way: Jews will say they support mass invasion by third-worlders into the West because they "remember that we, too, were once refugees" but when did you last read of any Jewish leader, or Jewish run media expressing righteous indignation over the massive gang rapes of white European children and women because, supposedly, their females were once raped by, say, Cossacks? (I read such references to the latter, and historically unsubstantiated tales, quite a bit by Jews). It's all smoke screen.