Thursday, 1 October 2015

A woman around 30 years old, belonging to "No Borders", the activist group that for around a month has been stationed at the Italian-French border from Ponte San Ludovico to Ventimiglia to help migrants has alleged she was raped for more than an hour by a man of Senegalese origin while she was in one of the camp showers set up in the nearby pine grove of Balzi Rossi. According to reports in La Stampa and Il Secolo XIX, the woman only filed a complaint about the incident after one month, explaining to the police that she had remained silent until then because some activists convinced her that she should avoid a scandal so as not to harm the other migrants and not to delegitimise the struggle of No Borders, a group that came into existence during the refugee emergency in Ventimiglia to support the protests of the asylum seekers.


The video above shows the invader camp being cleared yesterday by the authorities because they were stealing electricity and water. Note the reference to the showers that had been set up.

I have been learning Italian and I hope to be moving to Italy soon. Does anyone know any good "racist/Islamophobic/antisemitic/bigoted" sites in Italian? I have been able to find any so far.


  1. Here's one my friend:

    Anyway, you have really nice news here, so keep up good work. Best regards from Croatia!

  2. "No Borders, Open Hearts and Closed Minds"

  3. How fucking sad . seriously . despite her being totally misguided and well meaning such a shit thing should happen. And his many more times will the happen ?

    The answer is frightening !!

  4. What's her name?