Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Slightly fewer than twenty asylum seekers will be housed in a building in Casso, which is currently being prepared as a reception centre. Mini apartments waiting for the arrival by the end of the week of migrants who have completed a long trip to a better future from Bangladesh or Pakistan. For days the news has been circulating in the small hamlet of Erto Casso and is causing concern. Casso has 33 resident inhabitants, many of whom are away all week for work. This gives the hamlet an effective population of 18. Now the number of citizens will double with the arrival of the refugees. A "bomb" that risks destabilising the village in which everyone knows everyone else. 
Some residents have sought advice from the Prefecture, setting out the reasons for their "no", explaining that this arrival decreed from on high is not the best recipe for integration, but would disturb the village and could only create disorder. But not even that could ward off the arrival: the private building is already ready, the electrical connections have been made and reception is expected any time...
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