Sunday, 4 October 2015

It was a call of the kind Aline Kern is receiving often these days. Kern, 33, a real-estate agent in Bad Kreuznach in the Rhineland-Palatinate, had offered a cheap four-room home on the internet. Now on the telephone a man asked in broken German whether the accommodation would be suitable for a refugee family of five. Because the self-employed real-estate agent knows how urgently refugees are looking for a residence, she immediately made an appointment to show the home. 
As discussed, the caller and those looking for a home were waiting on the street, a veiled woman, three children and two men in their thirties, the real-estate agent thinks. The family, said the intermediary, who was apparently acting on his own, said they were from Syria, "but almost everyone looking says that now because they think that gives them the best chance," says the real-estate agent from experience. From the start the mood was tense; there was no handshake. 
Instead of a greeting, a heated debate immediately broke out between the three men. "Then the one who knew a bit of German said they had no interest in viewing the home because I was a woman and blonde and I had looked the men in the eye. My company should send a man." 
Kern ended the meeting immediately and easily found other tenants for the free home. ... "It was quite shocking to me, I was really upset," she says. "You want to help and then you're sent away unwanted in your own country." 
Another horror followed. As she described what she had experienced in the evening on a Facebook Group, she found herself massively insulted there, the 33-year-old says. Two callers even made death threats - but not Muslims, Germans, who called her a "Nazi whore". 


  1. They were probably jealous of how beautiful she is.

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