Thursday, 8 October 2015

Germany's absorption capacities are stretched to their limits and in many places are already exhausted. In the weeks and months to come, however, a continued major influx of refugees is to be expected. Our country faces major challenges with the refugees who have already arrived. 
This applies above all to our social security systems and the sphere of integration, as most of the refugees cannot be expected to integrate into the German employment market for the foreseeable future. In addition, the majority of the refguees come from countries where prevailing social norms differ significantly from our western values. Many of our basic values still need to be conveyed to those who have arrived here, such as those relates to a democratic country of laws including freedom of opinion, which also means the freedom to criticise religions, the co-existence of religions based on equal rights and peaceful coexistence, the equality of the sexes, non-discrimination against sexual minorities and Israel's right to exist. 
The "policy of open borders" being practised currently is not compatible with either European or German law, nor with the programme of the CDU [Markel's political party]. A large proportion of our party's members and voters therefore no longer feel represented by the current line of the CDU-led federal government in the matter of refugee policy. 
Therefore we urgently request that you take timely measures to rapidly and effectively reduce the current influx of refugees.

The letter was written by 34 members of Merkel's party, many of them leading officials at regional level.