Saturday, 3 October 2015

Shortly after the barbaric murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in London in 2013, the Archbishop of Canterbury made an astonishing public statement. Addressing an ‘inter-faith audience’ in Southall, London, he said ‘he did not want to live in a “monocultural” society.’ Brainwashed into believing the Church of England’s pro-immigration, pro-diversity propaganda, the wretched cleric found himself saying that he did not want to live in a Christian society.

All the more welcome, then, is the news of an outbreak of common sense among German church leaders. In contrast to German government policy of welcoming all the economic migrants the Third World can scrape together, Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria wants to see Germany implement a ‘farewell culture’ [Abschiedskultur], with the concomitant repatriation [Rückführung] of migrants, and Munich’s Cardinal Reinhard Marx makes clear the migrants have no automatic right of abode: ‘We never said that all the people who have come here can remain here.’

For those migrants who do remain, Bishop Bedford-Strohm insists they adopt Western values such as the equality of the sexes, and Cardinal Marx argues that a knowledge of Christianity is indispensable for integrating into German society.

It’s to be hoped their words signal a genuine rethinking of the suicidal altruism which has bedevilled West European Christianity since the 1950s, and which has done incalculable damage to European civilization.


  1. Actually equality of the sexes and female influence, as well as jewish influence, are the major factor behind western self-destruction. We do know that female influence was high, and birth rates were low, in the Roman Empire and in ancient Greece right before they imploded. And many people are wondering why current society is accepting its destruction. Because our current society is ill. Its impossible to fix it, unless we go back to the 60-s

    Have you ever heard the phrase “women and minorities”? It is used daily by western media. Have you ever noticed that western intelligentsia and bureaucracy always talks about the fight against racism and sexism, and not just the fight against racism? Those two fights walk together, hand in hand.

    Men are the immune system of sociey. They react against invaders and parasitism, women don’t. If you want to destroy certain group, destroy it’s immune system. Just like HIV destroys an immune system. Then various bacteria moves in and the body dies.

    1. When a new male lion comes and kills the old lion and the baby lions, the female lions do not resist, although they outnumber him.

    2. Women are a lot less xenophobic than men. They do not care who is going to be on top that much. They are a lot less interested in things such as ethnic differences or racial differences. They have a blind spot for that. For every five men in a far right party you will be lucky to see one woman.
    The more male influence there is in society, the more xenophobic that society is. The more female influence there is in society, the less xenophobic that society is. Xenophobia means dislike for people from the outgroup. The greater the dislike for people from the outgroup, the lower the acceptance for immigration consisting of people from the outgroup.

    Further, scientific studies show that women try to support everybody in need (say hello to Refugee crisis), while men are helping only those from their ingroup. Thus, we can expect an ingroup with high levels of female influence (have a look at Sweden) to be very interested in helping and importing refugees from other groups.

    3. There is higher “traitor rate” among females. The majority of those who are marrying out and joining other cultures are females, 75 percent of converts to Islam in Britain are females, as well as the vast majority of whites who mix with blacks.

    4. Historically, invaders killed the men and then took the women, without much resistance. Women are not programmed to resist or rebel if there is risk for their life.

    5. Women pay only 30 percent of taxes, yet they receive the majority of welfare, pensions and medical care, so they support other parasitic groups and work together with them to expand the welfare state and affirmitive action policies. The majority of those who vote for diversity, multiculturalism, and left wing parties are women. I call this the anti-racism/anti-sexism alliance. Also the women/minority alliance.

    6. 72 percent of single women in the US voted for B. Obama. In contrast, only 46 percent of married women (therefore those influenced by men) voted for B. Obama.

    So basicaly white men are getting used/exploited and are getting owned by their own women, by jews, by blacks, by muslims, and by any other group out there. White men are like fresh meat, that has only one purpose – it exists for others to use and consume. There is rampant parasitism by various groups against white men, and unfortunately white women are part of that parasitism and often side with others against their own men.

    1. I don’t blame or hate women, since that’s their nature. Don’t expect them to fix white people’s problems. But i do believe that any ingroup that does not control the behavior of their women, especially their birth rates, marrying out rates, and phenomenons such as women politically siding with other groups against their own men, sooner or later ceases to exist.

      So the problem is with white men, who don’t keep their women in check, and instead idolise women and think they are angels, or perfect beings. They are not. They are simply humans, who make mistakes, have weaknesses, and are far from perfect.

      So i think it is white men to blame, for being unable to keep their women in check.

      Have a look at Sweden – the most feminised country on Earth – it accepted much more refugees per capita than Germany itself. It is number 1 in Europe for accepted refugees per capita. And many people are calling Germany crazy. Well, Sweden is even crazier than Germany.

      What is causing this pathological altruism? Jews? There are very few of them in Sweden, although they do control some of the media. I think professor Kevin McDonald had trouble proving that pathological altruism in Sweden is caused by jewish influence alone. It is not caused by the fact that they are northern peoples either, since northern peoples were way more xenophobic before 100 years. There was no muslims allowed in Northern Europe. No non-european minorities. It was totally populated by white people. And before 100 years, America was way more xenophobic as well. All of Europe was more xenophobic.

      So what caused the decrease of xenophobia in the US and Europe? Simple – the increase in female influence. Since females are less xenophobic than males, the more female influence there is in society, the less xenophobic that society will be.

      This is why countries in Eastern Europe are still hostile towards immigration and multiculturalism and are totally white – in Eastern Europe, there is no feminism at all. Women there are more feminine. They are all male dominated countries, most people in Eastern Europe even don’t know what “sexism” is. White men there are still violent and to be a “macho” is not considered to be something bad.

      In Japan, which is quite xenophobic country, there is no feminism as well. The country is male dominated, women are feminine, divorse rates are low, almost all women marry before having children. Only 3 percent of children there are born to unmarried women.

    2. Same for Israel. It is a country that in many ways resembles America from the 60-ties. Conservative, male dominated, and therefore: xenophobic. It is xenophobic, because female influence in Israel is relatively low.
      For example:

      In Israel, the only institutionalized form of Jewish marriage is the religious one, a marriage conducted under the auspices of the mostly male rabbinate.

      There is very low divorce rate in Israel – 28 % compared to more than 50% in the US and Europe. Probably because in Israel, a jewish woman can not divorse without her husband’s permission.

      There is very high birth rate – 3 kids per jewish woman. In Europe, the birth rate for white women is 1,5, in the US, 1,7

      There is very high marriage rate, and very low levels of cohabitation without marriage. Only 3 percent of kids are born to mothers who are not married, compared to 40-50 percent in the West.

      A woman without a man is seen as something to be remedied; a woman without children – an aberration to be pitied.

      Gender segregation is tolerated if it is for religious reasons.

      Parents are highly involved in mate selection for their daughters.

      A wife must receive permission from her husband in order to divorce him, even if he is at fault. A husband can secure a divorce whether or not his wife consents.

      The rabbinical court than manages marriage and divorce is all male.

      A child born to a married woman from another man is labeled as a bastard (mamzer) , and is not eligible to marry another Jew.

      There is low opinion for “illegitimate children” in Israel, where they are called “mamzer”, which could mean a “bastard”, or a “son of a prostitute”.

      A married woman who had a sexual relationship with another man is not allowed to marry the latter once her marriage is dissolved; a Cohen (a man belonging to the priestly caste) may not marry a divorced woman; a woman who has been separated from her husband for reasons beyond her control, such as war or disappearance – may not remarry at all. Moreover, women whose husbands refuse to divorce them are also banned from remarriage.

      Same-sex couples are also excluded from marriage (as well as from the ‘reputed spouses’ category). Interfaith marriages are not recognized either, since Judaism, Islam, and other religions impose restrictions on marriage between people of different religions, and in many cases even regard this kind of marriage as void.

      The gender income gap in Israel is large – women earn 35 percent less of what men earn. The gender income gap in Israel is way bigger than the one in the US and EU.

      Abortion is illegal for married women in Israel.

      Jewish women in Israel are not allowed to marry non-jews.

      According to Avigail Moor, a psychologist who treats victims of sexual violence and a researcher at the Tel Hai college in northern Israel, more than 60 percent of Israeli men and 40 percent of women do not believe that forcing sex on an acquaintance constitutes rape. As for sex without consent in a relationship, 18.5 percent of israeli women and only 17.3 percent of men thought that was rape.

      As Peter Beinart wrote in his celebrated New York Review of Books essay: “For several decades, the Jewish establishment has asked American Jews to check their liberalism at Zionism’s door.”

      So it’s simple! If you want to destroy an ethnic group, simply increase female influnce in that group. Increased it a lot. And voila. Since females don’t care about ethnicity that much, and are not xenophobic, the country will open it’s borders, and will welcome everyone.

      All kinds of other ethnic, religious and racial groups will move in, and will start vying for dominance.

      So we understand why jews are supporting feminism for others, but do not support it for their own country. Because it is a weapon of mass destruction.