Friday, 2 October 2015

Local radio in Calais is reporting that invaders there have been attacking cars with iron bars and swords. No report of it in the press yet.


UPDATE: Local press reports on it.

According to several locals, the incidents took place at around five in the morning. "My window was open," Jean-Pierre Hernault says, in a rage. "I first heard them with my wife at five o'clock, that shouting in the street, Then I got up to go and see what was happening, it was about a dozen people moving towards the boulevard. They were already very noisy. But they came back a few minutes later, and there was one with a sword, he started to hit all the cars that were close enough on their windscreens," he continues. "Come and see mine, you can see clearly it's been struck by a long object," adds another local inhabitant.


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