Monday, 26 October 2015


  1. was that crap in the shower?these people are fukn animals,imagine the wackos among them???merkel should be arrested and tried for treason,you know shes a jewess right?she has hidden it very well ,but a jewess none the less.hitler was right we have been deceived as the jews say "we will wage war through deception".and we have fallen for it hook line and sinker,now we are closer to terrorists than two catfish in a skillet.they live all around us some living better than you and i.with free wifi and gov't spending money free rent,nobody helped our families after the 2nd world war,jewmerica decided to help the enemies rebuild japan and Germany and left allies to fend for themselves???why ,juden....that's why,and we have been being manipulated ever since and a slow erosion of our society began,now its gotten to obvious proportions and people still refuse to believe white genocide is happening.they are antifa homos and leftist commies and their colored police as the jews dance the strings like a marionette.they have turned both their enemies Christians and muslims on each other and are waiting to collect the spoils of war,they profit from war that's what jews do,they are society wreckers.and don'tet me wrong I have nothing against working class jewish I knew many and was friends with many they are hard working and honest for the most part,but the zionist jew is another story,they are evryones enemy,because they feel they have a god given right to rule the world,and have the means to do far as funds they own the I said your average jew has nothing to do with this ,but ionists lump you all in the same category unfortunately.geddy lee is my favorite person,hes a jew.not practicing but a jew .a lot of people I admire are jews ,but zogs have to die and knowing the difference will be important moderate jews would be a valuable aly if trustworthy.anyways some here will disagree but if you look at the people in your own lives some where down the line a jew was kind to you.i guarantee know the difference.