Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The refugee crisis is giving record sales to the country's gun shops. Austrians were always one of the most heavily armed nations in Europe. But now all restraints have been broken. More than 70,000 more weapons have been sold than in the comparable period in the previous year. The most common reason for arming up: fear of refugees and night-time break-ins. There are almost 900,000 weapons in households. 
Thomas Ortner, spokesman for gun merchants in Upper Austria, confirms: "Currently practically all shotguns are sold out, as they don't need a weapon permit." Courses to acquire a permit for pistols normally take place every 5 weeks, currently every week." 
The Tirol gun merchant Stefan Mair from Fulpmes confirms the boom, that really set in strongly at the start of September. Due to social changes, peoples want to protect themselves. Women, in particular, are also buying guns.


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