Friday, 2 October 2015

Sis Dr Asher Sefanit-Wudasee Sis Esther Stanford-Xosei Sis Jendayi Serwah Bro Kojo Bonsu Bro Kofi Mawuli Klu Bro Leo Muhammad

The Guardian contains an absurd screed (here) about why Whitey should hand over wads of cash to Jamaica in reparation for slavery. As I've pointed out before, Africans had been enslaving one another since time immemorial and Muslims had been enslaving Africans for about a thousand years before Europeans got involved. The obsessive and exclusive memorialisation of the transatlantic slave trade as one of the great evils of history is a form of anti-European hate discourse.

In any case, it is Jamaica that should be paying reparations to Britain for the extraordinary amount of harm Jamaicans and their descendants have inflicted on the British people through predatory criminal activity. The ship Empire Windrush, which, arriving in 1948, heralded the wave of West Indian Sub-Saharan immigration into Britain, was a veritable weapon of mass destruction.

One of the authors demanding these reparations made reference to an "Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination (AHC-NSD)".
Together with Corbyn’s activists, we are working to ensure that an autonomous Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination (AHC-NSD) develops in Britain, which will ensure that Labour’s agenda for redistribution of wealth is done locally, nationally and internationally. Wealth criminally expropriated from the enslaved people and their descendants must be redistributed.
I googled this term and got a Facebook page (here). (these people can't even construct a proper website)
On 7th February 2015, the Global Afrikan People's Parliament (GAPP) announced its arrival as one of the significant landmarks, in the UK, of the ‘International Decade for People of African Decent’. 
The AHC-NSD is a special grouping of Afrikan people working in the UK to regenerate their community towards sovereign peoplehood in quest of national self-determination. This includes Afrikan national autonomy in determining our own destiny in all spheres of life, in familyhood with our kith and kin in other communities of people of Afrikan heritage, throughout the continent and Diaspora of Afrika. 
By ‘Afrikan’ we mean people known as ‘Africans’ or ‘Black People’ of ‘African origin/descent’.GAPP acts in the UK, as an institution of non-territorial national-cultural autonomy across all areas of people activity, but connects its activities territorially to the homeland of Afrika, by way of repatriation as a key element of reparations.
While in France, the ruling class stridently insists that there is no such thing as race (see here), the word doesn't seem to have reached these "Afrikans".

What are the goals of this movement?
Reconcile the AHC-NSD with the benefits of using our relevant value systems including our own Law and other knowledge systems, social structures and autonomous institutions to effect change.
There's no word on how exactly this separate Negro law would operate when, for example, a negro rapes or mugs a British person.
To rally Afrikan people, from diverse backgrounds, into creating ONE Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination (AHC-NSD) as a strategic Maatubuntuman goal; in facilitating the decolonising self-repairs process of independent nation-building and the assertion of sovereignty at local, national and international levels. 
To harness Afrikan peoples’ power to create a functioning Parliament of the AHC-NSD, in order to better harmonise and represent the collective interests of the AHC-NSD, within and beyond the UK.
Couched in the ridiculously overwrought prose negroes use when they want to sound more intelligent, it is easy to laugh at this statement of goals. But the implications of this kind of agenda are ultimately sinister. The multicult vision presented by our rulers was on in which ethnicity didn't matter; "people are all the same"; after the first generation, we were told, they'd be just like us except for their physical appearance. If you objected to their influx, therefore, you could only be motivated by an irrational hatred of their physical appearance. Now, after many decades, we can see that they are not just like us. We have multiple ethnic colonies, each pursuing their own ethnic interests at the expense of the indigenes. Immigration doesn't result in a society where race doesn't matter. We already had that before it started. It results in a society where race becomes all important.

Oh, and apparently, in the new "Afrikan" dispensation, the evil racist discourse of "Mr" and "Mrs" is to be replaced by, I kid you not, "Bro" and "Sis".
The Provisional Leadership Facilitation Team of the GAPP are: Sis Dr Asher Sefanit-Wudasee• Sis Esther Stanford-Xosei• Sis Jendayi Serwah• Bro Kojo Bonsu• Bro Kofi Mawuli Klu• Bro Leo Muhammad
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  1. No problem. Get your own laws, your own country and your own benefit system. I support you 100 %.