Saturday, 17 October 2015

But according to Fuest the integration of the refugees will be associated with high costs. "If you assume that every year 800,000 people immigrate and these are on average integrated into the employment market in such a way that within two to three years they are paying for the public services they receive with their taxes and contributions, this results in an additional cost of 20 to 30 billion euros per year, for as long as the flow of immigrants continues," said Fueste. The academic economist thus expects growing government debt.
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Clemens Fuest is president of the Centre for European Business Research. Note how optimistic his assumptions are: that the invaders will be paying for their own public services within 2 to 3 years. The 30 billion euro per year estimate is predicated upon that being true! So when it turns out not to be true, the real cost will be even higher. His projections also assume an invasion flow of 800,000 per year. A recent report in Der Spiegel showed an actual invasion flow of 10,000 per day, far higher than Fuest's estimate.
The rush to Germany continues undiminished. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, the between 5 September and 15 October, the federal states registered 409,000 new migrants, around 10,000 per day. This is based on figures from the Federal Interior Ministry.
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If you assume an invasion flow of 1.5 million per year, and anticipate that labour market integration will be far lower than Fuest projects, with a significant proportion of the invaders failing ever to achieve a "break even" level for the public services their receive, which is a safe prediction, you can very easily get to an annual cost estimate of around 100 billion euros per year to the German taxpayer.


  1. One has only to look at Britain's experience with Moslem 'immigration' to see the falsehood of expected 'integration' into the society at large and its overall workforce. In 2010 the then Labour Government published a paper in which it confirmed that 75% of Moslem females had never worked and that 53% of Moslem males had never worked; however, Moslems accounted for a significant percentage of the population which lived on social/welfare benefits, including housing. The classic left line, that these people are not employed due to supposed discrimination on the part of native Britons is false; this statistic seems repeated throughout Europe and means that a predominantly parasitic group of people will continue to deplete the financial and social resources of European countries in which they settle, increasing the overall impoverishment of natives and, much sooner than conniving politicians expect, it will reach a tipping point.