Monday, 21 September 2015

"The children learn at home that the mother is worthless. The boys then treat girls in the same way," says the headmaster of a school in eastern Switerland to "Sonntagszeitung". 
The consequence: the boys humiliate, threaten and harass the girls. They inundate them with unpleasant insulting words: whore, bitch, tramp. 
They grab the girls against their will between the legs, on their behind, on their breasts.

One schoolboy told a female teacher that "women are only good for cleaning and fucking and after the fucking we pass them on." It's clear that men are in charge, in their view. 
For the teacher (female) it is obvious: this is a migration and underclass problem. Boys from classes that lack high levels of education, especially families from the Balkans, experience extremely conservative role modelling there which they then bring into the classroom.
"In the local community, the share of foreigners is 45 per cent. There are classes that don't have any Swiss people, and the immigrant children come almost exclusively from classes that are not well educated."


  1. It's not a conservative milieu that disrespects women and thinks they ought to be used for intercourse only. It's strictly, at this stage of human history, a muslim and non-European phenomenon.

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