Sunday, 13 September 2015

Warsaw, Poland. Some carried banners reading "Islam is the death of Europe".

Bratislava, Slovakia

Prague, Czech Republic

One of the speakers said those criticizing the opponents of Islam are “hypocritical blind multicultural fools.” 
He said the instinct of self-preservation has been denied by both the UN and the EU, which criticizes the rejection of the compulsory quotas for the acceptance of refugees by Prague. 
“The current behavior of the EU is a worse equivalent of the Munich Agreement,” said Martin Konvička, leader of the Bloc Against Islam non-parliamentary movement. The Munich Agreement that Britain and France signed with Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy in September 1938, forced Czechoslovakia to cede its border areas (mostly German-inhabited Sudetenland) to the Nazi Germany. 
Islam is repugnant and bad, Konvička said. 
Tomio Okamura, a lower house deputy who heads the Freedom and Direct Democracy movement, said it is necessary to close the borders and expel all migrants.

The anti-Islamists were louder than the opponents of xenophobia, also thanks to more efficient loudspeakers. The former were also backed by participants in the Bikers Against Islam event involving a group of motor bikers whose noisy ride across the upper part of the square lasted several minutes.

Lyon supporters, France

Corsica: "Hollande, the immigrants up your arse"

Heidenau, Germany

Freital, Germany

San Giorgio, Italy

Saxony, Germany: "Stop asylum madness - End the Great Replacement!"; Identitarian Movement Saxony (link)

Vienna, Austria: "Future for Syria, Borders for Europe"; Identitarian Movement Austria (link)

Veneto, Italy; CasaPound movement (link)

 Metz, France: Illegal, Europe isn't your destiny!; Generation Identity movement (link)

Metz, France: Illegal, Europe isn't your destiny!; Generation Identity movement

Loudun, France; Generation Identity

These are all from the last few days.


  1. Beautiful, and misreported in the media who would like us to believe the resistance against occupation groups were fringe.

  2. Well, if this is what it looks like now, imagine what it'll look like tomorrow..!
    This is all just going one way, so they might as well stop their multicultural illusions now..!