Tuesday, 8 September 2015

"Schukran Almanija" means "Thank you Germany". For weeks, protesters have been gathering in Baghdad to complain about their government. They complain about various things ranging from corruption to lack of electricity to incompetence in confronting Islamic State. Now they have taken to holding up pictures of Angela Merkel. She is now considered to be a virtual Islamic Saint. They are also telling their government that they will emigrate to Germany unless things improve.



  1. Her Jewish family history and Communist affiliations (father and Angela herself) probably has quite a bit to do with her destructive policies towards the German people and their nation: her father's name, Kasner, is Germanic-Jewish and her mother was listed as "die Mutter, eine polinische Judin aus Galizien" (the mother, a polish jew from Galicia)
    Her father worked for the Stasi while seemingly a 'pastor' in the Evangelical Church and Angela Merkel was a member of the Freie Deutsche Jugend.

  2. Testing my limited Arabic to breaking point, the slogan on the poster is something to do with supervision, which I suppose could be stretched to government; ‘to supervise’ in Arabic is ashrafa. The slogan, which is written only in consonants, reads ashrrrf mn ashrfkm, and the outline of the verb can be seen in the first and last words. mn is min, ‘from’. The German source translates the slogan as ‘She is better than you’ but that’s a very free translation. By the way, the English transliteration of ‘thank you’ is shukran. I stand to be corrected on everything I have just said!