Monday, 21 September 2015

As Communities Minister during Gordon Brown’s premiership, Mr Khan worked with the Board of Deputies and other communal groups, particularly on interfaith projects. 
His own Muslim faith had aided his efforts to understand Jewish ways of life, he explained. “We have a huge amount in common. We need to see the great work in the past that the Board of Deputies and Muslim Council of Britain have done together on halal and kosher food and male circumcision. I’m optimistic about the future.” 
Three times this summer Mr Khan began his Ramadan fast at synagogues, discussing with rabbis ways to make London a beacon for interfaith efforts. 
He also cited his past work with Mitzvah Day, Emeritus Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks and Jewish Labour peer Lord Mitchell as examples for the future. He said: “There’s so much we can do together, that’s why I’m excited about this job. Just imagine the message it would send to other parts of the world where communities don’t get on. I’m completely comfortable in a synagogue, you’re perfectly comfortable with me, even though we’re of different faiths. 
“What’s important to me is that we have zero tolerance of antisemitism. I will ensure there are sufficient police resources and the resources of City Hall to address this issue. 
One of the things that has impressed me with the Community Security Trust is that they are now helping Muslim communities address Islamophobia. Many of the challenges the Jewish community have been through over the centuries, now London’s Muslim community are facing.” 
Visits to the Nightingale House Jewish residential home in the MP’s Tooting constituency in south-west London have added to Mr Khan’s understanding of the immigrant background stories that Muslims and Jews often share. He wants future generations to strengthen those links. 
“My cousins in Pakistan and India don’t mix with Jewish people. It’s very different here. I’ve got best friends from different backgrounds and that’s a huge source of pride. My daughters grew up in an environment where Jewish friends come to our house and fast during Ramadan. We should celebrate that.”

Sadiq Khan is the lifelong friend of the confessed terrorist recruiter Babar Ahmad (see here), now serving a long prison sentence in a US prison. Khan has not repudiated his friendship with Ahmad. On the contrary, he continually defended him and sought to prevent him being extradited to the U.S. Prior to Ahmad's conviction, he also openly and unambiguously declared that he was innocent. Hansard (record of what is said in Parliament) records Khan saying this in 2006:

Babar Ahmad should be presumed innocent until he is found guilty. Moreover, he is in fact innocent, as I shall explain later. 
I want to describe Babar’s background, as it is worth putting that on record. He is known locally in Tooting as a caring and helpful member of our community. He has worked with people of all ages

In the last general election, Khan was Labour's prospective Minister for Justice(!). He made it clear that he intended to impose ethnic quota requirements on British companies.


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