Sunday, 20 September 2015

 According to estimates from Munich's Ifo-Institute, most refugees are not well qualified enough for the Germany employment market.
So that the refugee crisis does not permanently burden the taxpayer, the immigrants must accept paid jobs as quickly as possible, explained the economic experts in a statement on Sunday: "It is to be feared that many of them will not find employment at a minimum wage of 8.50 euros as their productivity is simply too low." The Institute is therefore calling for the minimum wage to be reduced. 
The experts calculate that the state will bear additional costs of 10 billion euros because of the influx of refugees. 
The share of illiterates in countries of origin is mostly very high, in Afghanistan, for example, it is more than 50% among those in the 14-29 age group. Even in the relatively highly developed Syria, the share of graduates is only six per cent. In addition, in many cases the degrees are not equivalent.


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