Friday, 18 September 2015

Among those behind the booklet are organisations called WatchTheMed-Alarmphone and w2eu, which means 'Welcome To Europe'.  
Sonia, who did not want to give her surname, is a volunteer with WatchTheMed and told Sky News: "Activists from our network distribute the guides for free in Turkey".  
The guide is distributed to refugees as they come ashore on the Aegean Islands and in Athens and other Greek cities. She added that other leaflets about safety at sea were distributed to would be migrants before they set out on their journeys with advice on what to do if they get into trouble on the water.  
The guide Sky News found also contained a 24-hour hotline number for migrants to call so volunteers can then pass their details to the relevant coastguard.  
"We are a big group of about 100 people" she said. "We are based across Europe and North Africa." The pocket-sized guide has a handy map of Europe detailing the areas boats tend to land in.


Who is funding this? There are rumours George Soros is behind it.


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