Sunday, 27 September 2015

In France, ethnic statistics are banned by law. So how do we know? The medical services conduct screening for genetic diseases, including sickle-cell disease, an evolutionary adaptation to malaria that is common among non-Europeans. So people of non-European ancestral origin are considered at greater risk of developing this disease and are therefore targeted for screening. This is where the figure comes from.

So this graphic is telling us that 37.2% of newborns are African/Asian. In the Greater Paris area, it is an astounding 69.06%.


  1. As with consanguinity (marriage between first cousins along the paternal line, which is hugely prevalent in all Moslem countries, with attendant mental and physical birth defects relating to this genetic link), these diseases which are prevalent amongst third world, Asian, African peoples (Moslem primarily, although not solely) are having even now, and will continue to have, a major financial, medical, social, criminal effect on the native peoples of every Western country until and unless people decide they should no longer tolerate this enforced ethno genocide of their own kind.

  2. Small wonder the Front National is thriving. In England, sickle cell disease ‘is the most common and fastest growing genetic disorder.’ See here under ‘Prevalence’.