Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Approximately one in two Germans is dissatisfied with the actions of the federal Chancellor in relation to refugee policy. This is what emerges from a poll conducted by the Erfurt opinion research institute INSA for FOCUS Online. 
48 per cent of those polled did not agree with the statement "On the whole I agree with the actions of the federal chancellor". 41 per cent agreed; 11 per cent gave no answer. When asked whether they wanted the federal chancellor to show more openness towards refugees, slightly more of those polled said No (42 per cent) than Yes (41 per cent). 
It is clear, however, the deterrence-oriented policy of Hungary goes too far for the majority of Germans. One in two (49%) in the INSA poll consider Hungarian president Victor Orbán's approach to be unjustified. By contrast, one in three Germans (33 per cent) see Orbán's approach as justified. 18% gave no answer. 
Orbán received above average support from voters of the FDP (44%) [small business-oriented party] and the AfD (85%) [sort of German UKIP]. 
It is also clear that most east Germans (44% agreement / 36% rejection) support Orbán's policy. Most west Germans (30% agreement / 52% rejection) reject Orbán's policy.

So some of those opposing it are crazed do-gooders who think Germany should do even more.


  1. In Saxony, east Germany, opinion polling suggests strong support for Alternative für Deutschland and for the nationalist NPD. In the photo accompanying the story, young east Germans are venting some healthy Wut, rage.