Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Britain has a law that says any public petition that gathers 100,000 signatures automatically triggers a debate in parliament. Now the "dumb plebs" have forced our rulers to debate immigration with a petition that claims Muslims are in danger of taking over Britain! Some of the ruling class are unhappy about this and say the rule on automatic debates should be set aside so as not to give a "licence to bigotry". However, it looks like the debate is going to take place.

The Conservative MP Paul Scully, who is half Paki, will speak in favour of the motion (somewhat).
‘The decision was taken [to debate it], which I was more than happy with: as over 150,000 people signed the petition they wanted to have at least the courtesy of a voice in Parliament. My views on immigration have been pretty consistent: I think that immigration in general is a good thing but that mass uncontrolled immigration is a bad thing, and I say that as someone who is half Anglo-Indian.’ 
He said he would use the petition debate to talk about immigration policy more generally and that he would disagree with many of the sentiments expressed by the authors of the petition. He will not be proposing the petition’s text, but that the House has considered what it says.
If you are British, you can sign the petition here. Please do. While you're at it, sign this one on halal food here.


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