Thursday, 17 September 2015


This is a not uncommon phenomenon. Jews tend to be among the most ardent of lefists; then, when they detect a conflict between the ideas of the Left and their own ethnic interests, they transition to the Right. This is exactly what lay behind the emergence of the neo-conservative movement in the US. Jews have mobilised big-time against Corbyn because he embraces the "Palestinians", has "dialogue" with Iran, and refuses to anathematise Putin. Almost every Jewish journalist, including far-lefties who could normally be expected to have embraced Corbyn's ideas, has come out strongly against him, always citing some abstract moral justification for their opposition rather than admitting that their ethnic interests are at play.


  1. Whenever I read a comment about "the light of the world" I throw up a little in my mouth

  2. This is just a bit of strategy on the part of the Jews: they want Corbyn to remain heading the Labour Party and an excellent way to assist that is to come out against him to activate the usual, emotive response of people to support the perceived 'underdog.' In reality, Corbyn has Jewish roots and significantly did nothing about the paedophile rings in his constituency even after being alerted and provided with considerable facts by council workers therein. This rather like the strategy being used by Jews in regard to Donald Trump in the US (Trump's two daughters are married to Jews and he is a huge supporter --- "friend of Israel" --- which translates, if he is elected to the Presidency, of more Americans being killed in wars for Jewish (and not merely Israeli) interests, such as the munitions industry, biochemicals industry, charities (huge scams) and, of course, the resultant 'emigration' of millions of people from the Third World into the Western. Either way, the Jews think they stand to win and will adopt whatever outward stance is necessary to deceive the electorates of Western countries.

  3. And it seems the Jewish strategy is working with Corbyn considering appointing a Minister for the Jews, simply to assauge Jewish "fears" over his "anti-semitism" and "holocaust" denying. Corbyn's a Trojan Horse and since they now have their own police force in London, a Minister for them will cement their power even more.