Tuesday, 8 September 2015

It seems that Hungary is the last remaining refuge of common sense in Europe. The things they say are the things that any rational person looking unflinchingly at the facts would say. Instead, we are steeped in unreason.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said his request to migrants not to come to Europe through Hungary was “for moral reasons” because he could not take responsibility for what might happen to them along the way. 
Addressing a meeting of Hungary’s foreign mission leaders yesterday morning, Mr. Orbán said that people who had already made it to Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria are already safe, so they are not running for safety. They have actually “set their eyes on life in Germany”, he added. The Prime Minister said that in 90 per cent of European Union member states, the opinion of the people and “political elite” are diverged. 
... Hungary will reject the demands of those calling for changes in the country’s cultural and ethnic composition, he said.

Nor is Viktor Orbán the only voice of reason. Sanity just seems generally more prevalent among Hungary's elite.
Pope Francis’s message Sunday couldn’t have been clearer: With hundreds of thousands of refugees flowing into Europe, Catholics across the continent had a moral duty to help by opening their churches, monasteries and homes as sanctuaries. 
On Monday, the church’s spiritual leader for southern Hungary — scene of some of the heaviest migrant flows anywhere in Europe — had a message just as clear: His Holiness is wrong. 
“They’re not refugees. This is an invasion,” said Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, whose dominion stretches across the southern reaches of this predominantly Catholic nation. “They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.” 
The bishop’s stark language reflects a broader spiritual struggle in Europe over how to respond to a burgeoning flow of predominantly Muslim men, women and children onto a largely Christian continent. 
The pope’s call for compassion and charity is competing with a view most prominently articulated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has cast the flow of migrants as a direct challenge to Europe’s Christian character. 
... Even as Catholics in other parts of Europe heeded the pope’s plea for help Monday, there was little evidence here that church leaders were prepared to elevate what has so far been an anemic response to one of the worst humanitarian crises Europe has seen in decades. 
And despite the heat that Orban has taken worldwide for attempts to crack down on some of the globe’s most vulnerable people by halting their journeys or throwing them into prison, his stance has seemed to only burnish his reputation here as a no-nonsense nationalist who will defend the country against an onslaught of “tens of millions” of new arrivals. 
“I’m in total agreement with the prime minister,” Kiss-Rigo said in an interview Monday. The pope, by contrast, “doesn’t know the situation.” The situation, as Kiss-Rigo describes it, is that Europe is being inundated by people who are posing as refugees but actually present a grave threat to the continent’s “Christian, universal values.”
“Europe is beginning to recognise where she has been taken to by her liberal immigration policy. All of a sudden, they have realised that the breed of animal named multicultural society doesn’t exist”, Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian writer Imre Kertész warned in a piece published in Hungarian in 2014. 
Speaking to the daily newspaper Magyar Idők, the writer’s wife explained that the piece, much cited in recent days, was written between 2002 and 2009 but matches the present situation and is a sort of prophecy which seems to be fulfulling itself. “The text is neither hateful nor exclusionary but merely a sad ascertainment of a situation seen this way by Imre Kertész, the 86-year-old’s wife told the paper. 
I should say something or other about politics, but it really would be an unnecessary and boring waste of time to do so. I should recall how the Muslims are flooding Europe to later conquer, or, in other terms, destroy it; about how Europe manages all this, on suicidal liberalism and brainless democracy; democracy and suffrage for chimpanzees. This is always what it concludes to: the civilisation arrives at an overbred condition in which it is not only unable but also unwilling to protect itself; when, seemingly mindlessly, it worships its own enemies. What is more, all this cannot be said in public. Why not? The question would not cause me worry, had I not, in the meanwhile, become a ‘public figure’. I am beginning to understand the compulsion feeding the general great lie; it is simply impossible to challenge the compulsion for the politician because it causes him to loose his popularity and for the same reason for the writer; lies and total self-surrender are good manners. 

I have cancelled writing my article to Neue Zürcher despite being eager to tell my opinion on the changes we face. A murderous world is on our doorsteps, racism, nationalism; Europe is beggining to realise where it has been taken by its liberal immigration policy. All of a sudden, they have realised that the breed of animal named multicultural society doesn’t exist. An interesting, paradoxical dead-end: while the European Union is being enlargened, certain member states are contracting. The laws expected go against the Union’s constitution, but who would deny their fundamental significance? The problem is that there is no differentiation made: there would be separate laws for the free citizen and others applying to Muslims. However, this would amount to discrimination. On the other hand, it is impossible to contemplate that, let us say, France should become a Muslim country within two or three generations. Politicians ascending from the depths of anger stirred up by the general fear and hysteria rather try to turn the situation to serve their own power than to consider genuine solutions. To put it another way: the possibility for new dictatorships, bringing peril first and foremost to their own people on the pretext of an emergency situation. has opened up.”


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