Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi

I have to say I am actually somewhat heartened by what is happening at the moment. I might post a full comment piece about this later. But, in short, lunacy on this scale simply has to produce a political reaction. There is one phrase that I find comforting: "Things that can't go on, don't go on." 

One sign of how things have changed is the comment section on the Guardian. It used to be full of the most ridiculous, politically-correct nonsense. Occasionally, I would go on there, doing missionary work, trying to bring a dose of reality to the deluded. I must have gone through about 15 accounts there after being repeatedly banned or put on "pre-moderation", meaning your comments had to be approved in advance. But now look at the comments on this live update thread (here) about the "migrant crisis". They're not much different from what you would find on the Daily Mail or even here. People are saying "Viktor Orban for President of the EU" and the like. They're even talking about Coudenhove-Kalergi!

Here's one comment I found particularly arresting, from a poster in Germany, on the front-lines of the invasion.
Why are 95% of all the pictures you use to accompany these articles of children, Guardian? You obviously have an agenda here, you are deliberately and unashamedly distorting the true demographics of the people who you are classing as "refugees". I'm in Munich and let me assure you that children between the ages of 1 and 12 (you're preferred target group) make up almost zero percent of those I see in and around the HBF every day. I have personally watched one young mother pass her child, a girl aged between 3-4 I'd guess, around to others to have their photo taken with by the massed press and locals, such was the scarcity of available models.


  1. This is no surprise: it was noted amongst workers for the British Red Cross that Gypsies (deliberately mis-termed 'Roma' by lying mass media) would use babies and small children for their begging and criminal purposes who were not their own children but either part of another Gypsy family or, more often, kidnapped and sexually abused victims. Also, the babies were usually drugged before being taken out publicly on begging rounds, to make them more docile and pathetic looking (a screaming baby would elicit unwanted attention from concerned public or from the police). There is a long history of kidnapped babies and children by Gypsy gangs and the group forms a significant criminal sect in Europe, responsible for billions in crimes from drugs, money-laundering, counterfeit monies, identity theft (for false passports), people smuggling and sex slavery which encompasses young girls, children and babies for the paedophile (homosexual/lesbian) racket. I have also noticed in photos lately that clearly Caucasian children are being held by Moslems (Asian and African Moslems).

  2. CZ: Do the Guardian comments, if they mention Coudenhove-Kalergi's vision of a Eurasian Race to replace the Caucasian race mention also that C-K envisaged in his concept the Master Race of the Jews to rule over this miscegenated racial mixture? C-K states the Jews will be the Master Race because of their "moral superiority" and, if commentors mention this, without stating what Jewish morality is really about, then readers might be inclined to believe that such a Master Race could keep the miscegenated mass under control and somehow "fix the world" or "repair the world" with its presumed 'moral superiority.' If it is not mentioned, then it's more likely that, as with Takuan Seiyo over at Gates of Vienna who did mention it, it is stated by Jews as a means of deflection and to leave it to brainwashed readers to assume that ultimately this will all work out to be 'a good thing.'

    Jewish 'morality' via the Talmud: Jews are the only humans, others are less so and animal-like, to be ruled over in the period of Tikkun Olam by Jews but for the benefit essentially of the Jews. Jews may practice deceit, and usury, against non-Jews, Jews are not required to save the life of a non-Jew (whereas, correctly translated, whoever saves the life of an "Israelite", it is as he has saved all of humanity, which is not a universal, but a narrow, ethnically-viewed attitude which leads to bigotry against the non-Jew), usuary, although defined as a sin worse than sodomy in the OT, is acceptable when done against non-Jews, a man may 'wed' and have intercourse with a female child aged 3 years and one day and with a male child aged below 9 (this was originally stated in the Talmud in relation to a woman having sex with her own child) because sex with a child is not deemed genuine sex (akin to the poking of an eye with a stick as it says in the Talmud, and also stating that the maidenhead will grow back!) and this paedophilia is justified finally in the sense that, because the child is deemed too young to fully participate sexually, therefore, no guilt can be ascribed to the adult perpetrator (the child cannot 'throw guilt' on the adult). If more people knew of Jewish 'morality', a great deal of Jewish influence, in the media especially, would be rendered powerless.

  3. Also, once you know the Jewish attitude towards paedophilia, and towards the rest of the human race (not even deemed an 'untermenschen' but actually, no-human), the influence of Hollywood (most studios owned by Jews) and the media in all areas, in supporting sexual degeneracy for the masses, emerges as a definite tactic in Tikkun Olam ('fixing the world' --- for the benefit of the final rulers, the Jews) because a debauched and depraved population is far easier to manipulate and has less emotional ties to its own grouping (individual, family, neighbours, country, religion, race). When I read comments by people who recognise the need to preserve the white race, I wonder if they understand the need to reverse centuries of this induced immorality (not much sense in saving what has landed us all in the present mess, is there?) and also, if they understand that Christianity stands as a separate religion from Judaism (the latter is actually atheistic) because Christianity stresses the Resurrection of the Body (know ye not that you are the temple of the Living God is a call to morality, not a call to regard the individual, or the group, as the object of worship). The rejection by Jews of the Resurrection concept happened before Christ and is a key also to why a people, rejecting Christianity, find abortion (murder of babies and thus destruction of future life on earth) a "right" and not a crime.