Friday, 18 September 2015

After the meeting between Justice Minister Heiko Maas (48, SPD) and Facebook Europe boss Richard Allan (49) on hate comments on Facebook, the police are demanding severe punishments for authors of the texts. 
Rainer Wendt (58), chairman of the German Police Union, told BILD [newspaper]: "The internet is not a lawless area. Whoever posts hate comments and propaganda is committing a crime." 
Fines will not make an impression on the perpetrators. Wendt: "Here, taking driving licences away would be the right method, for example." 
... According to Maas, non-governmental organisations that act against hate messages on the internet should also be involved.
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  1. This is hardly a surprise: every major social network system is owned by Jews (Facebook amongst them) and anyone foolish enough to have 'joined' them and given their personal details to the entire known world is for the high jump. Taking away driving licences is a way to restrict individual movement, reduce work and social's a form of death by slow means "pour decourager les autres."

  2. Great news. There will be not one muslim driving a vehicle if this is interpreted fairly. Anyone read Arabic that wants to help these"justice" ministers?