Wednesday, 30 September 2015

After another mass brawl in a asylum centre in Kassel-Calden at the weekend, Rainer Wendt, chairman of the German Police Trade Union, describes massive problems in asylum accommodation. According to Wendt, outbreaks of violence in asylum homes are "not a new development". "We have been experiencing this violent for weeks and months. Groups are formed based on ethnicity, religion or clan structures and go at one another with knives and self-made weapons," said the police trade unionist to this newspaper. Conflicts motivated by religion and politics and struggles for supremacy are being fought out. 
"When these groups attack one another, all of those people who applauded their welcome in Munich railway station are asleep, but the police are still on duty and right in the middle of it," said Wendt, describing "hard-as-nails criminal structures" that overwhelm the private security staff in the accommodation. To defuse the situation, "Christians need to be placed under special protection". They have been massively harassed, he said. There are many cases of massive attacks, especially on women and children and youths. "The true extent of the violence can only be estimated here as women and children are often afraid to file a complaint. It also involves abuse and rape," said Wendt, according to whom most of the violent acts take place between Muslim groups. "Sunnis fight against Shia, there are Salafists of various types. They are trying to assert their rules there. Christians are massively harassed there, they want Sharia to be implemented. Women are forced to wear the veil. Men are forced to pray. Islamists want to introduce their values and rules," says the police trade unionist in summary.
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