Thursday, 10 September 2015

German newspapers Bild and BZ on Wednesday published a pull-out guide in Arabic for refugees in the capital city, headlining it "Welcome to Berlin". 
The four-page guide includes a map bearing Arabic translations of key districts, with locations of refugee shelters and other key migration services. 
The supplement published in the greater Berlin region also includes a dictionary of basic German phrases, greetings, directions and the days of the week. 
The first page of the guide includes a welcoming paragraph by Berlin mayor Michael Mueller, who writes that his city "welcomes all those who have fled war and forced migration". 
"We will try to incorporate you into our society, because we know that you are trying to participate and that you want to build a new life," Mueller writes in the short column. 
BZ told readers to give the edition "as a gift to a refugee after reading it".
The chairman of the Central Council [of Muslims] pleaded for a policy of "assist and demand" including in matters of integration. Above all, rapid language acquisition is important. It must also be made clear to the refugees "what our community looks like". Translating the constitution to Arabic could be a contribution to this, he said.


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