Monday, 21 September 2015

Louis Pasquier's flat, located in Val-de-Marne, was burgled and completely ransacked on Thursday 17 September 2015 in the late afternoon. Inside, newspapers and notices all related to Charlie Hebdo, had been thrown on the ground and then burnt. 
Two "jeunes" [young people], who were hiding close to the flat, were arrested by the police. Today, on Friday 18 September, they are still held in detention. One of the suspects attended the same institution as Louis Pasquier, the secondary school Marcellin-Berthelot, located in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, in the same district. 
The victim, 17, a final-year pupil and editor of the school newspaper La Mouette Bâillonnée, received several death threats in recent months. After the terrorist attacks of January 2015, the teenager paid homage, in the school newspaper, to the victims of the Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly. 
Weapons, a swastika and a miniature coffin were discovered in his letter box shortly afterwards.

They've now announced their decision to shut down.


  1. That's right France, lay down and let them win. No wonder you have the problems you do.