Monday, 28 September 2015

CDU [the CDU is the mainstream conservative party in Germany, Angela Merkel's party] Deputy Federal Chairwoman Julia Klöckner demanded that immigrants must acknowledge basic German values - and thus opened the floodgates. 
Hundreds of women got in contact with the politician and expressed their deep frustration about the conduct of Muslim boys and men. A state of emergency reigns in Julia Klöckner's office. On Wednesday and Thursday alone, more than 300 citizens contacted the Rhineland-Palatinate leader of the CDU. The telephone doesn't stop ringing. 
It is mainly women who write or speak about their frustration. Women, who have had similar experiences to Klöckner, whom an imam refused to shake hands with. Women who, in day-to-day life, are confronted with a role-modelling in parts of the Muslim population that is far removed from equality. 
The CDU politician reports there are female teachers who are told by boys in their classes that they shouldn't say anything to them. Of fathers who do not want to speak to their son's female teacher, but want to speak to a male teacher. Of female checkout staff faced with men who do not look them in the eye, do not speak to them, but only explain what they want with signs. 
"50% - 90% of the mothers of our children's friends wear headscarfs or are completely veiled. When we bring donations we have collected for refugees to cultural centres, we women are not allowed to enter because of Islamic regulations," according to one of the many emails. 
"We must ask ourselves as a matter of urgency: what are we all going to accept?" said Klöckner.


  1. Here's an example of a counter-jihad site that has a large Jew readership that may be trying to point out the Jew scheming with no comment. Notice that the Jews commenting are adamant that Jews siding with Muslims is abnormal.

    Here's the link to the Muslim-Jew alliance from that link in case anyone wants to avoid being tracked by BCF.

    Prominent Jewish and Muslim religious leaders and officials launched a ground-breaking platform to support religious freedoms for Muslim and Jewish communities across Europe. The group began their discussions at a workshop held in Vienna on 27 August 2015, hosted by the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID), which now concluded with the formation of the Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council. - See more at:

    1. BlazingCatFur used to have my blog on the list of blogs they featured at the side, whose latest posts were shown automatically. Then when I started pointing out the facilitating role Jews were playing in the islamisation of Europe, they removed it. The site owner isn't Jewish himself but I think he had financial help from Jews when hate speech charges were filed against him.

      Perhaps he still visits this site since it's otherwise curious that he should have posted that story on the exact day I posted it here, since the events in question occurred a couple of weeks ago. Of course it would have been out of the question to actually link to me.