Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Proof that Europe is Christian - Christians walk on water; Muslim children sink

Peter Herbert, lawyer and human rights activist, even expects to notify the International Criminal Court of these drawings for incitement to racial hatred. "Charlie Hebdo is a publication that is purely racist, xenophobic and ideologically bankrupt and it represents the decadent morals of France," he declared on Twitter.

Peter Herbert - Professional Negro

Peter Herbert is a British barrister and political activist. He is an independent member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, and chair of the Society of Black Lawyers.[1] He has campaigned against racism in football.



  1. Is Peter Herbert Jewish?

  2. Eww, he's a disgusting mongrelised negroid.

  3. Society of Black Lawyers? Sounds racist to me, just like the Black Caucasus in the US Congress.

    OT but...I know you don't read the Jewish-front "counter-jihad" blogs but I always do because I think it's useful to see their approach to the ever-growing uncomfortable outing to them of Judaism and Jews' conduct. The latest fun and games over at Gates of Vienna is that their 'newest contributor' "Max Denken" (in reality, the Polish Jew who posited himself as a Christian and used a Japanese expression, Takuan Seiyo, "red radish" {old term for a communist} as his nic there for years) was referring in his latest piece to Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, mentioning Kalergi's conception of the future 'Europa' as a place of the new 'european' who would replace the true Caucasian Europeans as a mixture of Asians and Africans. What he left out, of course, was that Kalergi believed this new Eurasian Race would be led and ruled by a Master Race (Kalergi's own term) of the Jews because supposedly Jews had a higher 'moral system'. Leaving that out was essential because otherwise it might lead people to question what in Judaism itself as an ideology makes Jews presumably of higher moral standard than others: the belief that Jews are the only true human beings, non-Jews only having an outward form as humans, in reality they are beasts and exist only to serve Jews; the use of usury to deliberately cheat and deprive others of their own property and assets; the use of deceit to hide Jewish teachings and hostile conduct re The Other; paedophilia . Seiyo has had to switch to a new alias after his allusions to Tikkun Olam were exposed: tikkun olam is the realm of the paradisical Jewish world to come in which Jews will reign supreme over all (it's usually sold to unsuspecting goyim as "righting" or "fixing the world", the present world being the realm of confusion, the sub-human non-Judaic world).

    It helps to know this because this is how Jews will sell their conduct to the world when people question the downside, to the rest of humanity, of their actions especially "immigration" of Africans and Asians into Europe and other Western countries.

  4. I was right about "Max Denken" at the Jewish front site of Gates of Vienna: he just pulled his usual Takuan Seiyo stunt when another commenter, more knowledgeable than he and who studied in Russia, gently suggested that "MDakaTS" consider the part played by Jews in historical and present European problems and was pompously and rudely told to leave the site by its 'red radish'. These phony counter jihad sites are doing real damage in keeping the truth from people and there ought to be a full article exposing the main perpetrators amongst those sites; the enemy within, in every sense, is always a greater threat than the openly perceived enemy.

    1. Write one and I'll post it here. Since I don't read these sites any more, I can't really do it myself.