Sunday, 20 September 2015

A German friend wrote to me today about a sudden change of mood in his country:

‘Even the leftist online version of Die Zeit features more and more critical articles, and the comments section—usually the realm of well-off leftist do-gooders—is filled with angry comments, shredding the Merkel administration, either demanding her resignation or predicting the fall of democracy and the rise of a totalitarian state. The swing is very pronounced and was never as fierce as now.

‘The best indicator is that most newspapers have completely closed down their comments sections, and the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party [coalition partners] are flooded with angry emails. Reading the Zeit online comments section, there is almost no comment that still sympathizes with the refugees welcome policy, people even seem no longer to care much about being called a Nazi, and Thilo Sarrazin [the author of Deutschland schafft sich ab, Germany abolishes itself], once damned on the same forum, is now seen as a prophet.’


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