Tuesday, 29 September 2015

This is part of a recent interview with Jean Raspail that appeared in a French newspaper. For those who don't know he is the author of the prophetic novel Camp of the Saints, which describes a situation much like the one we are now experiencing, in which the Afro-Asiatic hordes simply decamp to Europe en masse.

In your book, you evoke the "ferocious" character of the migrants. Now, we see today that those arriving from Syria or elsewhere don't have a knife between their teeth. 
Jean Raspail: What is happening currently is not important. It's anecdotal. Because we're only at the start. At the moment, everyone's expressing a view on the topic, there are thousands of specialists on the migrant issue, it's a chaos of commentary. No one puts themselves in the 35 years to come. The situation we're experiencing is slight compared to what awaits us in 2050. There are 9 billion people on the earth. Africa went from 100 million to 1 billion inhabitants in one century, and perhaps double in 2050. Will the world be livable? Overpopulation and wars of religion will render the situation delicate. It's then that the invasion will occur, which will be unavoidable. The migrants will come, in large part, from Africa, the Middle East and the edges of Asia. 
.. Should we fight the evil at the root and bombard the strategic locations of Daesh, as France has just done? 
Jean Raspail: It's their problem, not ours. It doesn't concern us. What do we have to do with this story? Why do we want to play a role? Let them deal with it! We withdrew from these regions long ago, why go back? 
And what do we do when the attack orders against France are given from Syria? 
Jean Raspail: We block them. We prevent entry onto French territory. The politicians have no solution to this problem. It's like the debt, we pass it on to our grandchildren. Managing this problem of massive migration will come back to our grandchildren. 
The Catholic Church isn't on the same wavelength at all. It's inviting the faithful to show their generosity. 
Jean Raspail: I've written that Christian charity will suffer a bit in the face of the responses to be made to the influx of migrants. We will need to harden our hearts and suppress any form of compassion we feel. Otherwise, our countries will be submerged.


  1. You are right about the Jewish involvement.