Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Because the 18-year-old knew this [that the Vienna railway station she was in was a "migrant" hub], she moved cautiously and inconspicuously. "Suddenly there were four dark-skinned men in front of giving clear signs. When they started to touch me, even grabbing my breasts, in a panic I defended myself with my hands and feet," Gerlinde says of the attack. 
As the gropers moved away laughing, two policemen came to the girl and started to question her about what had happened. "They didn't want to believe me at all, asked me several times why I was acting so aggressively, and tried to make out that I was attacking the poor refugees," says Gerlinde. "Just the idea that I, a girl, would attack four men, is rather strange." 
Finally the two law officers let Gerlinde go - the four gropers were not prosecuted, nor even questioned. "My confidence in the rule of law is rather shaken. If I have similar experiences in future, I will be sure not to expect help if I go to the police," says the girl. Her cousin, who actually wanted to register as a volunteer helper at the Vienna West railway station, has been cured of this idea by Gerlinde's experience.