Monday, 28 September 2015

The "far-right" Austrian Freedom Party [FPO] has just doubled its vote in a regional election in Upper Austria, doubling its vote from 15% to 30%.
It was - as expected - the theme of immigration: for 63% of voters in Upper Austria this was deciding factor in their vote, according to Peter Hajek.

This means the FPO [Freedom Party] come in second to the mainstream conservative party who have been utterly dominant in that region for a long time. So the result will produce no actual change of government. Its significance lies in what it might portend for the future of Austrian, and hopefully European, politics: a dramatic increase in support for European patriot parties (the so-called "far-right") in response to the immigrationist lunacy our elites are inflicting on us. Dispiriting though it seemed at first, this 'migrant crisis' may actually be the shock we needed to bring the current system down.


  1. They don't even refer to us as native residents, or indigenous. Look at the words of Gauck, the President of Germany:

    President Joachim Gauck meanwhile warned of Germany's "finite capacity" to absorb refugees, cautioning against more "tensions between newcomers and established residents".

    What a crock of shite!

  2. Apparently, in a nationwide poll, 63% of Austrians regarded "immigration" as the most important issue so it seems media lies re this INVASION are not working. When people write (especially on those loathsome "counter-jihad" sites) of how Europe and Europeans are finished, it's worth remembering that they're mainly Americans posting that drivel, with a country overrun by millions of aliens (against which they did nothing to stop it) and with a very short national history comparatively speaking, and that Europeans have their 'folk memories' going back millenia and their proven record of successful resistance. History, and genuine national identity, count.