Sunday, 27 September 2015

I'm overwhelmed by the way the world is going at the moment. In the long term, all the continents (yellow, black and brown) will plunge on old Europe. 
They are hundreds and hundreds of millions. They are hungry and they're not afraid to die. As for us, we no longer know how to die, or to kill. There must be preaching, but Europe no longer believes in anything. So we need to wait for the year thousand or a miracle. 
Me, I find it harder and harder to live in front of a wall.
Albert Camus was a great French novelist who was born in Algeria when it was still considered part of France, before the natives revolted against French imperial rule.

There is another Camus quote I like to bring to mind sometimes. It makes me think of Breivik and gives me some hope for the future in considering what might happen when Europeans finally realise what is being done to them.
The moment despair is alone, pure, sure of itself, pitiless in its consequences, it has a merciless power.
The Myth of Sisyphus


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