Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Yesterday, I watched the debate about the "migrant crisis" in the British parliament. It was a frightening spectacle, a festival of deranged do-gooderism. It showed an elite conspiring against the democratic will, and yet deluding themselves into believing that they were actually enacting the wishes of the people; or at least the "good" people, everyone who disagreed with them being, of course, morally challenged if not outright evil and therefore worthy of being ignored. 

The sole voice of reason in the whole debate was Conservative MP Adam Holloway. He has an interesting background. It seems he used to work as an investigative journalist for ITV and their World in Action program. Unlike other members of the ruling class, he has therefore actually engaged with many of these issues in the real world, even, at one point, posing as a Muslim immigrant himself. He even dared to offer some words of praise for Viktor Orbán. Predictably, the Establishment media is now attacking him.


  1. If you scan through the comments to that article in the Daily Mail, you will see that the public isn't falling for media lies. The point is that not yet has the British public decided to arise in rebellion against the government, something which has happened several times in English (not just, British) history.