Thursday, 24 September 2015

This is from an opinion piece written by Charlotte Knobloch, representative of the Jewish community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, President of the Central Council of Jews 2006-2010.
To experience this Germany is pleasing, especially for the Jewish community. Not least for those whose memory of persecution and flight is still always present. The country that in the 20th century was responsible for the most horrific chapter of human history, is today rightly a symbol for hope and safety. 
Whoever wants to live here must understand and respect that the active remembrance of the Holocaust is also as much a German reason of state as the struggle against antisemitism, as well as standing up for the existence and security of Israel.
President of the Board of Deputies Jonathan Arkush met the Home Secretary Theresa May on Monday to discuss extremism, antisemitism and the refugee crisis. Mr Arkush said that the current refugee crisis has a “historic resonance”' for the Jewish community and outlined cross-communal plans in the Jewish community to offer support on this crucial issue.
Two Holocaust survivors have gone to Downing Street to present a letter to David Cameron asking him to support refugees. 
The two men, 89-year-old rabbi Dr Harry Jacobi and Ernest Simon who were members of the Kindertransport, led a group of rabbis to Downing Street on Monday to present the letter signed by over 100 rabbis from across the Jewish community. 
The letter asked Mr Cameron to take the story of the Kindertransport as his inspiration in responding to the current refugee crisis, calling it “the light of human kindness that shines into the darkest corners of history”
The CRIF [Representative Council of the Jews of France] calls on European government to treat this question with humanity and compassion. CRIF expresses its intense emotion in the face of the distress of hundreds of thousands of migrants who are trying to flee murderous conflicts and the atrocities of which they are victim along with the Islamist terrorism which is spreading in the Middle East and Africa. CRIF calls on European governments to treat this question with humanity and compassion.


  1. So when are they marching on Israel to demand that Israel accept hundreds of thousands of their fellow Semites who, after all, derive their ideology, Islam, from Judaism? Abrahamic brethren and all that? The head of Israel stated Israel couldn't accept Moslems because it would fundamentally change Israel from being a predominantly Jewish State.