Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I watched the memorial service held for victims of the 7/7 Jihad attacks (or "extremist attacks") as the BBC is now calling them. Almost every speech was in praise of diversity, immigrants, "openness" and tolerance. "Diversity" is what killed these people. Yet their deaths now serve as a platform for its grotesque celebration.
Bishop Chartres described London as a "laboratory" for testing whether it will be possible for cosmopolitan civilisation to hold together. "We are in the midst of debate about identity including what it means to be British."  
Some in the world were reacting to change by retreating into ever narrower definitions of their identity, he said. "Merely invoking the universal concepts of tolerance and respect with which we probably all agree does not generate one iota of the energy required to transform lives and build a community."


As I have argued in my Dialogue On the Rationality of Ethical Standards, the Cult of Equality is one that demands human sacrifice. Given what we have learned about the distinctive behavioural patterns of Muslims and negroes since our continent was turned into a laboratory without our consent and the "experiment" began, it can readily be foreseen that more Muslim and negro immigration will result in more unnecessary deaths. Those deaths could be prevented just by pressing a button that said "No more Muslim or negro immigration". Yet our rulers refuse to press that button before doing so would contravene their religion doctrine that "People are all the same".


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