Friday, 26 June 2015

The expression of Christian Estrosi has set the tone: the regional elections campaign will be martial. The political class is bitterly attacking the mayor of Nice who has spoked of "an Islamist fifth column" in France, on Sunday on France 3. On the left, the head of the Socialist Part, said he was "very disturbed by the neo-frontist trend of the Sarkozy-Ciotti-Estrosi wing of the UMP" [main conservative party in France]. The government spokesman, Stéphane Le Foll, and the head of the Socialist parliamentary group, Bruno Le Roux, also denounced his remarks.

He made these remarks on Sunday but has repeated them on his Facebook page in reference to the latest attack on the factory in Isère today.

"This dramatic, horrific attack demonstrates once again the presence of a dangerous 5th column on our territory."
"For several months now I have been denouncing it while many bien-pensants have vehemently criticised me for doing so."

It's noteworthy that Estrosi faces Marion Maréchal-Le Pen as his opponent in the regional elections, niece of Marine Le Pen and considered a champion of the "hard right" within the Front National.


  1. Do you have a Twitter?

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    Are these "newfound feelings and statements" by Mayor Estrosi recent 'epiphanies' to make himself more similar to Marion, or has he already had these thoughts and opinions from the first time he was elected?