Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The journalist Mireille Vallette is launching an association to fight against the "islamisation of Switzerland". After literature, concrete action. Already the author of two works that denounced an inexorable and dangerous growth of Islamism in a West considered too bien-pensant to become alarmed about it, the Genevan woman Mireille Vallette is now switching to top speed. Today she launches the Association Suisse Vigilance Islam (ASVI), a platform for the "defence of Swiss democracy faced with the expansion of Islam." She will be its president and spokeswoman.  
Journalist, Socialist (until 2012) and feminist (since forever), Mireille Vallette is very clear about her intentions: "After having spoken, we now need to act." That is to say "defend our values and our civilisation, threatened by a totalitarian religion." From July, Vigilance Islam and its future internet platform promise to provide information about "the reality of the islamisation of our country, the dangers for democracy that such a change involves and the failures and derelictions of our elites faced with islamisation." The association will go further: she intends to start petitions, initiatives, referendums and other demonstrations to advocate her cause, even initiating legal action when applicable. 
Vigilance Islam is very clear in its founding charter: "The expansion of Islam constitutes the most serious threat that today weighs upon democracy and freedom in our country." Islam or Islamism? To hell with nuances, responds Mireille Vallette: "We refuse to make a distinction. Islam, like Islamism, both refer to the Koran and the hadiths, which act as vehicles for a politico-religious totalitarian ideology which denies the equality between human beings and their right to autonomy." 
The message contains no ambiguity: "I've read all of the Koran and the problem is in the texts," the Islamophobic passsionaria declaims, "literally. I don't like this religion, which carries unacceptable things within it. All unbelievers are condemned to hell. The texts are not questioned, and the risk that literalism will gain the upper hand is always present, including in countries that are far from the sharia. It will be like that until Muslims are capable of acknowledging that entire sections of the Koran need to be forgotten." 
The Genevan will not run her association alone. "The idea arose last year during a roundtable involving about a dozen people who share the same ideas," recalls Mireille Vallette. "Unfortunately I can't tell you who those people were, because they fear for their image if they appear publicly. But there are intellectuals, and, for example, an employee, a banker and a translator. They are generally people from the Left."


  1. Interesting that they are people from the left. Are the folk from the European left different than the people from the Anglosphere left? I am left with the feeling that the Jews joined the left for reasons of expedience but it is merely a vehicle to further their agenda, to destroy the goyim and all western civilisation.

  2. The article says the "defence of Swiss democracy..." But that country has had the totalitarian "holocaust denial" law in place for many years now. http://codoh.com/library/document/2759/
    So I am sure that now someone is actively campaigning against the Islamic expansionism that the Jews who support this law will work against her. In other words the Jews and Muslims will work against the native Swiss as they do in all European countries.