Sunday, 21 June 2015

The most important point to make about the massacre in Charleston is this is the type of tragedy that will inevitably occur in the contact of ethnic diversity. Why? Because we empathise differentially with others based on their genetic similarity to us. We are programmed, subconsciously, to care more about people of our own race. This affects behaviour in all kinds of ways, most of which elude our understanding.

From the Jewish embrace of ideologies that just happen to advocate the complete erasure of European Christian civilisation, such as Communism and multiculturalism; to negro criminality; to Muslim gang rape; there is no question that lack of empathy for genetic aliens is a major factor in explaining the behavioural pattern. The fact that this empathic bias is, for the most part, subconscious, helps explain the puzzlement one ethnic group often feels when confronted by another group's perceptions. When negroes riot in response to a criminal being shot by the police, Europeans cannot understand why the negroes empathise with the criminal instead of condemning and rejecting him. When Jews are confronted with evidence about their vastly disproportionate involvement in Communism and multiculturalism, they cannot see it from the point of view of Europeans legitimately distressed about the awful consequences Jewish intellectual and political activism has had on their countries. Even a body count running in to the tens of millions is not enough to break through this perceptual barrier. Jews cannot acknowledge the obvious fact that if their involvement in the Communist movements was crucial to them achieving practical power and if those regimes then exterminated tens of millions of Europeans, then European antisemitism was justified. The Europeans perceived a threat from the Jews and they were absolutely right to do so. The question of whether a majority of Jews supported the Communist movements (they didn't) is as irrelevant as the question of whether a majority of Muslims support jihadi terrorism today. Europeans are entitled instead to ask the question: would this bad thing be happening in my country if this alien people was not living amongst us?

So, if we examine the chain of ethnic bias leading up to the Charleston tragedy, it would go something like this. Europeans in positions of power are undoubtedly prejudiced against negroes and that prejudice inevitably manifests in various ways likely to be perceived as slights by the negroes. This fosters a sense of anger in the negro mind. One outlet for that anger is crime. There is no question that when a negro rapist is violating his European victim, "Getting Revenge on Whitey" must be part of his motivation. Dylann Roof perceives the phenomenon of negro rape, senses the ethnic animus involved, empathises with the victims and feels a need to exact revenge. He is reported to have told his victims that he had to do it because "you rape our women".

So, here we have a cascade of unpleasantnesses all rooted in subconscious empathy or the lack thereof. What is the solution to this problem? Territorial separation. People of distinct ancestry should live in territories of their own among people with whom they can empathise, or, in other words, their own kind. It is a fantasy to think that human nature can be reprogrammed except over the very long term. Yet this is the dangerous approach our rulers have adopted instead. They respond to the tragedies caused by diversity by calling for more diversity. It is like reacting to the Chernobyl nuclear accident by calling for more nuclear power stations to be built, all based on the Chernobyl design.

I may post more about this later. You can read Dylann Roof's manifesto in full  here.


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