Sunday, 28 June 2015

Why do Algerians become so aggressive during Ramadan? Why does the number of fights increase during each sacred month? Why does the number of voluntary homicides triple during this period? And above all, how can the increase in family crimes be explained during this month? 
Since the first day of Ramadan, the number of voluntary homicides involving members of the same family has sharply increased compared to other periods of the year. In eight days, around thirty people are involved and about a dozen bodies have been found by the security services. 
According to them, the majority of crimes committed at the start of this sacred month revolve around family quarrels, then come crimes between neighbours. According to the details provided by the police and gendarmerie, many women are among the victims while the perpetrators include cousins and parents, even mothers.

I wrote about this same phenomenon years ago. Ramadan is month of horror.


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