Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I first saw a video news report about this school visit when the sound on the television was off. So I casually assumed she must be visiting Pakistan, Kenya maybe, some God-forsaken hell-hole like that. Imagine my shock then when I found out later that the school in question was in London, specifically Tower Hamlets. Nor is it even a specifically Islamic school she was visiting, as the clothing of the pupils might suggest. It's just a normal comprehensive school, in an area that happens to have been almost completely colonised. A few of the teachers do seem to be of European origin.
Obama’s visit was timed to coincide with a joint announcement by the UK and US of a $200m partnership to support adolescent girls’ education around the world, particularly in areas affected by conflict and crisis.

More money for brown people then, as if we weren't giving them enough at home.


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