Wednesday, 3 June 2015

One characteristic of Srebrenica denial is an even more blatant fraud than Holocaust denial. For in the case of Srebrenica, the bodies have been found. The Bosnian Serb authorities never intended they would be. These remains were scattered in mass graves among five large burial sites across north-eastern Bosnia. The massacre was a crime designed to destroy the Muslim population in Srebrenica by killing every man and boy. And then the victims would vanish. 
Scientists from a remarkable NGO, the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), have located and exhumed the remains, and used DNA analysis to identify the victims. Their heroic efforts have exposed the depravity of the crime and provided some measure of closure for the victims' families. The ICMP have recovered the remains of around 7,000 victims. In a letter to me, they estimate the total number of victims as between 7,980 and 8,030. 
Jewish campaigners immediately recognised in 1992 what was happening in the former Yugoslavia and appealed to the conscience of the world. Bosnia was no intractable civil war: it was a campaign of genocidal aggression launched by the Serb leader, Slobodan Milosevic. Elie Wiesel interrupted his own speech at the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Washington to implore President Clinton to protect Bosnian civilians. 
Tragically, it wasn't enough. The least we can do is ensure that the victims' stories are told. Those who traduce their memory by denying their very existence are obscure but their propaganda spreads. Some, like the American blogger Pamela Geller and her associate Robert Spencer, are unlettered nativist demagogues. Others, like Edward Herman (a co-author of political polemics with the linguist Noam Chomsky), are purported radicals who preposterously count Milosevic an anti-imperialist hero. It's a tiny price, but I've accumulated more than a decade's worth of abusive emails, complaints and threats (including one magnificently incompetent libel writ) from the denialists. Exposing their cause is my minuscule contribution to commemorating the victims of genocide. "Never again" must mean it, this time.


This is a ridiculous description that suggests the author, Oliver Kamm, hasn't done his basic research, something that calls into question the validity of his other conclusions. Spencer, at least, is hardly unlettered. And the only place Pamela Geller is a "nativist" is in Israel.

Muslims in general - and so-called Baroness Warsi in particular - have been trying to big up the importance of Srebrenica and establish it as a kind of "Muslim Holocaust", complete with annual commemorations and the like. Muslims have obviously seen how successfully Jews have been able to instrumentalise the holocaust to advance their political agenda du jour. And they want a weapon like that too. Jews, for the most part, seem to have been going along with them on this. After all, there's plenty of anti-European/Goyim/Kuffar cake to go round.


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