Friday, 5 June 2015

First, a story from the Yorkshire Press:
PUPILS at a York primary school found out about plans for a new mosque in their neighbourhood. 
Imam Abid Salik was invited to speak to the youngsters at Tang Hall primary school about the designs for the new mosque in Bull Lane and in turn they showed him their own drawings of what they think it should look like. 
As The Press reported last month, work is finally underway on the project almost three years after planning permission was granted. 
With no grants or money available to put toward the cost, it was left up to the congregation to raise the cash themselves, and total of more than £670,000 was raised after donations flooded in from members, families and supporters. 
The start of the work’s first phase, which includes building a sub-structure complete with windows and doors to accommodate the mosque’s sizeable congregation, was celebrated at a turf cutting ceremony and featured in The Press. 
Teacher, Fiona McCallion, said: "I saw the article in the paper and I thought it looked wonderful. I determined there and then to let the Imam know that we at Tang Hall Primary School thought that the new mosque would be a great asset to the our local community, and a splendid work of architecture to boot. 
"I spoke to my class and we decided to draw our designs for the new mosque, then invite the Imam to come and see them. "Despite being an extremely busy man, he came in , talked to the children, congratulated them on their pictures and invited them to visit both the current and planned mosques. He then spoke in front of a whole school assembly, and his personable, down-to-earth demeanour won everyone over."


I also found this frightening, but not directly related, document on the Edulink website, which, as far as I can make out, is used to share educational resources for teachers. The document is called Teaching about Islam in the Primary School. Let me say first of all that I am not sure what the source or status of this document is. It might be the text of the book with the same name published by Babcock Educational Trust and written, apparently, by Devon SACRE. What's a SACRE?

Each Local Education Authority must establish a permanent body called a standing advisory council on religious education (SACRE). It must appoint representatives to the committee from four groups representing Christian Denominations and other religions as the LA sees fit; the Church of England; Teachers Associations; Members of the Local Authority. The committee must have a clear constitution and code of conduct, and will establish an Agreed Sylabus of RE for maintained schools for the LA area. - See more at:

There are spelling mistakes in the document. That means either this either isn't the Devon SACRE document or Devon SACRE doesn't have very professional standards or, possibly, and I'm beginning to suspect this, these are just OCR errors caused by scanning.

Some references in the text make it clear that the document is aimed at teachers teaching classes of mainly non-Muslim children. Much of the content is very disturbing. I urge you to read the document in full here. Below I discuss just a few of the more worrying elements it contains.

The basic Muslim narrative of Islam's origins is presented uncritically:
The people of Makkah believed in many Gods and worshipped idols. Muhammad (pbuh) believed in one God and frequently went into the desert hills around Makkah to pray on his own. In 611 CE, in the cave of Hira, he received the first revelation from God through the angel Gabriel Revelations continued over the next 23 years. 
Initially Muhammad (pbuh) was alarmed by the experience but was reassured by his wife. He preached in Makkah for 13 years but was not well received by most Makkans.  
In 622 CE at the invitation of the inhabitants of Madinah, Muhammad (pbuh) left Makkah (this is known as the HDRA) and established the first Muslim community - a city state with Arabs, Jews and Christians. The Makkans repeatedly tried to attack Madinah. In 630 CE Muhammad (pbuh) took control of Makkah, smashed the idols in the Ka’ba and pardoned the Makkan leaders. He died in 632 CE.

Note "he received the first revelation from God through the angel Gabriel", not "Muslims believe he received the first revelation from God through the angel gabriel".

The document contains quotes from the Koran that should be used to brainwash the children. This one is particularly chilling:
Serve God and do not associate anything -with him.Show to parents kindness; also to relatives, orphans and the poor, to the person under your protection whether he is a relative or not, to the companion by your side, to the follower of the way, and to whoever your right hand possess.  Verily God does not love any crafty boaster.
The phrase "whoever your right hand possess" is an oblique reference to captured infidel sex slaves. So British primary school children are being taught about Muslim sex slavery!

The children are forced to act out Muslim ritual cleansing:
If possible Muslims always wash before prayer, emphasising physical cleanliness as well as the cleansing of the heart Washing in Islam is not a symbolic act, an “outward sign” of an inward experience. Washing is part of the process, which prepares the Muslim for prayer: body, mind and spirit are one, not viewed as separate entities.

Tell children about Muslims preparing themselves for prayer by washing. You could take them through the wudu ceremony in mime or ask a Muslim to demonstrate, Conclude with “Aren’t Muslim boys and girls lucky to have this to remind them and help them live happy lives?
The children are forced to handle Muslim prayer beads and say "God is great":
Show the children some Muslim, prayer beads and that each bead represents a name for God. Explain that Muslim, prayer beads are used to help concentration when praising God. They take each bead between their fingers and say “God is Good. God is Great. God is one”
 Children have to write poems using Islam-related words:

Children should become familiar with the following vocabulary:
 Muslim          Hajj              ihram            Islam                      Mecca/Makkah
Allah             pilgrim           pilgrimage     Ka'ba/Ka'aba           Muhammad     
Mosque         rites 5.  Refer again to the possible feelings evoked by such a visit. List the words children offer on the blackboard Suggest that they write simple poems with 1 word in the first line, 2 words in the second etc. ending with 1 word for the last line.

More of the "Aren't Muslims lucky?" meme.

USING PRAYER MATS (KS 1 OR 2) Muslims use mats at home, work or in the mosque so they have a clean place to perform their 5 dairy prayers (Salah), which involve kneeling with the forehead touching the ground. ·       Most mats are a about 0.5m x 1m because that is the approximate space needed to pray;
·       The arch design shows that it should be laid down in the correct direction for prayer, feeing towards the Ka’ba in Makkah;·       Many mats have 2 buildings on them - the Ka’ba and Muhammad's mosque in Madinah.
·       The pillars represent the 5 Pillars of Islam which are the duties all Muslims should follow.·       The fringes have no special significance.·       Green, blue and yellow are traditional Muslim colours.   
1.  Show children 2 Islamic prayer mats. Ask them to describe them one at a time.  
2.  Challenge them to find as many similarities as they can e.g. both are like carpets, both have pictures of buildings on them, both show a building with a dome and a tower, both show what looks like a big box, both have a fringe at either end, both have pictures of pillars on them.  
3.  Ask them to describe the differences-one is velvety, the other is plain cotton; one is mainly green, the other is mainly blue etc.  
4.  Challenge them - how many questions can you ask about these rugs? This can be used for assessment purposes - the questions asked help to indicate the extent of their understanding.  
5.  One group of children could then be responsible for finding out the answers using reference books, interviews etc. and report back to the class. 
Conclude with 'Aren't Muslim boys and girls lucky to have so many things to remind them and help them live happy lives?’

It is spine-chilling to think that intellectually defenceless British primary school children are now being subjected to this kind of indoctrination, ripening them up for an Islamic future.


  1. The great UK and its culture have endured so long and through so much, but now it going to fall due to white guilt. Fooled by a Trojan horse filled with millions of head-loppers. Such a pity. [-(

    There wont be any anarchy for the UK, there wont be any fightin' Brits standing up for God and country, it'll just go over without as much as a whimper! Welcome to Eurabia. (h)

    I'm sorry if you don't agree with my opinion of how current events are playing out, but that's all it is, just my opinion.

    God save the queen, and England!