Sunday, 7 June 2015

This article from the Jerusalem Post is an excellent example of four major troubling tendencies in Jewish thought and discourse. These are:

1) Jewish supremacism - Jews believe almost everything good has come from them. In this respect, they are exactly like Muslims. Both groups of Semitic separatists are, absurdly, able to convince themselves that they have somehow been the historical axles around which world history has revolved; that, without them, we would all still be living in huts or swinging in trees.

2) The elevation of the subjective realm (psychology) over the objective realm (action) in the denial that antisemitism has anything to do with the things Jews do. It does not matter how compelling and substantive is the evidence you present of Jews having harmed non-Jews, for example through their involvement in Communist movements, and the catastrophic consequences those movements had in the countries where they achieved power and elsewhere; the Jewish mind, like the Muslim mind, simply cannot process it. They are incapable of acknowledging fault, unless it be the fault of having been insufficiently ethnocentric. Because they cannot acknowledge fault, they cannot undergo moral growth.

3) The endless denigration of the Goyim. Non-Jews are portrayed as a bestial herd of wild, animal-like creatures who can only be raised up to the level of true human beings through the elevating influence of Jews. If similar sentiments were expressed about Jews by non-Jews, the Jews would not hesitate to call it "hatred" and "antisemitism" and demand that it be made a criminal offence. As I've pointed out before, accusing someone of hating you is actually a way of expressing your hatred for them.

4) The weaponisation of the antisemitism narrative to advance a real-world political agenda.

Please read the article in full. But here is a basic summary of the author's argument.

Christians and Muslims are essentially barbarians. They want to be barbarians. They revel in it. But their religions won't let them because both incorporate elements of Judaism which is a morally uplifting influence upon them. Their religions are partly barbaric and partly good and the good part comes from Judaism. But Christians and Muslims resent the constraints that the good (Judaic) parts of their religions impose because they really want to unleash the true barbarians within themselves. So their antisemitism is really a kind of rebellion against goodness, against moral constraint, against the superior virtue of the Jews. Oh, and the goy should let us do whatever we want to the Arabs without complaint or else they're evil, like Hitler.

Together with their strong opposition to a Jewish state in the midst of vast Arab territory, tiny Israel becomes a thorn in their flesh especially because it has managed to keep this kind of extremism out of its own country. Israel, then, as the physical representative of Jewish moral consciousness, becomes the source of ongoing hate. 
For Jews, the realization of this fact is crucial. While we must help to combat anti-Semitism in every way possible, we should be aware that it is not a Jewish problem. Its solution will be possible only when the world makes peace with ethical Judaism. 
Only when Jews manage to convince the world of the power of Jewish ethics, and ensure that it is taught in every classroom, church and mosque is there a chance that anti-Semitism will slowly come to an end. 
In the meantime, we Jews should turn anti-Semitism on its head and use it as a source of pride. We should stop teaching our young people that we are victims of the longest and the most vicious hatefest in all of history for no reason. The reverse is true! We are hated for very good reason. We are hated because our people, throughout all of history, had the courage to stand up and protest against a world that was committed to paganism, brutality and injustice.



  1. The correct way to deal with this is to expose Judaism as an ideology: to quote and explain its main texts (Talmud and Torah). This is essentially the same tactic used in inculcating a proper understanding of Islamic ideology (which is derived from Talmudic Judaism) to non-Moslems because, although you may point out innumerable incidents, atrocities, evil and wrong-doing, as well as devious deceit amonst Moslems to the non-Moslem, it is only when you have exposed the ideology behind such behaviour, conduct and tactics that people begin to truly appreciate the degree of the problem and also its original provenance which is the ideology of the believers, not the opposition of non-believers which emerges as intelligent, reasonable response to such ideologies which are the very opposite of our own genuinely ethical, Graeco-Roman-Germanic-Anglo Saxon Christian one. Imagine, in other words, if instead of simply noting the paedophilia of prominent Jews or of Rabbis, that one were to quote those passages in the Talmud permitting and condoning it...